Ever just want more in life? I want more in every aspect possible. I never get comfortable for too long with anything in my life, I believe that growing should always be the goal – from relationships, school, work, motherhood, and so on I want it all to prosper and GROW because those are things that I don’t ever want to die.

I tend to see a lot of people get comfortable with their everyday routine which is completely fine, not saying that there’s anything wrong with that at all. When things start to get repetitive for me I have to switch things up or else I’ll lose my mind, it can be something as small as reading a new book each day or working out but whatever it is, it has to be a change that will help me grow if you’re following my drift? I feel like I’ve been in that “comfortable” stage all of my life and I’m really trying not to go back to that. For so long I’ve always been okay with just having a job to get me through (pay my bills), go to school just to get my AA, get in a relationship just for the physical part of it or to feel loved, and I can go on and on. As I got older I’ve learned more about myself and also about my own life, I try to do things with a purpose behind everything I do and not just to do it because I feel like I should or because I feel the pressure from society.

Everyday I wake up with thoughts of a better life but I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with the life I live now but I always think about where I eventually want to be years later and what I can do to help my journey to get there. For example, I know for a fact that I have to be well off financially not saying rich or nothing but I have to know how to manage my money the right way.  I’m not terrible when it comes to my finances but I can be better so I am working towards that; I’ve realized that having a planner and writing everything down from bills and other expenses down helps me remember and also gives me something to look back on just incase I need to. It’s all about figuring out what works for you even if it’s something little. 

I’m the kind of person that just has a very deep thought for everything in life and I can’t seem to shut it off. I am 21 years old but I feel as if I spent so much of my time settling in life and I can’t do that anymore because the clock will continue to run and it’s not stopping for me or none of you. If you can even think about it/dream it then you can do it, with God anything is possible and I truly do believe that. I am going to get EVERYTHING that I can out of this life and I am going to pave the way for my daughter because she deserves nothing but the best. How? I am going to let God work through me and guide me in the direction he wants me to go. I know very well that I may fail, I may stumble, and I may get lost but I will always get myself back on track to get the job done. 

Go out and GET IT!!!!

“If you don’t jump, you will never soar.”


With Love,