My life in pictures

My life in pictures… the short and straight to the point version 🙂


Fist and foremost, I am a woman of God.


I am a mom!!! Still can’t believe it sometimes but hey, I’m here live and direct – doing the dang thing.


I have to have a talk with her about this…. we gotta do better but she just moves too much! Lol


I am a student. I am currently trying so hard to finish out my general studies. I am going to major in Health Business and Administration. I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes though.


I am a full time employee and I love my job!! how many people can say that?? I have my bad days but overall, I love what I do. This picture is funny though but it explains it all! Haha.


At the end of the day…… I’m just a normal young lady that love snapchat filters and Starbucks! (Venti HOT caramel machiatto with 5 shots of vanilla and EXTRA caramel drizzle) – thank me later. 😉

I thought this was kind of fun, switch it up instead of just me and my words. I’m trying to do things a little bit differently and see where that takes me! 

Much Love,



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