A letter to my village

I was always told that it takes a village……..

I never understood the meaning of that statement until I had Avianna and now I totally get it. I have a village and I had one every since I found out I was pregnant and made the decision to keep my baby, they’ve been there since day one and I can’t thank them enough. Without them I would not be able to be the mother that I am today and sometimes when I think about the support system I have I get emotional because I don’t know what I would do without them, truly. From when I was recovering from my surgery, trying to get back to work, figuring out daycare, and so much more MY VILLAGE helped me overcome everything, helped me when I fell short. It’s the little things that truly means a lot to me like when they watch her while I eat, shower, run to get food, or whatever the case may be. Without them I wouldn’t be able to keep a clear head or even manage to do this single mom thing because on a daily basis they make things happen for me, they make it possible for me to go work and focus on school so I can build a life for my daughter. My village takes on a pretty big responsibility as they watch her while I’m at work and they also watch her on my days off so I can sleep in. I’ve realized that not everybody has a village let alone a support system to help you with your child, I’m so thankful for the work that they put in for me and Avianna every single day. When I say that she is surrounded by so much love I truly mean that and I can’t wait for her to see it all. They honestly make my life easier although I still face many challenges, they help keep my head on the right track and that was always the case before I had my baby. My village started with the man above and he laid everything out for me and Avianna, he blessed us with so much love and help to keep us going every single day. 

I remember always asking God how I am going to make it on my own trying to raise a child but also try and give her the best life possible but my family was the answer to that. No blog post long enough would ever be enough and all  I can do is thank God for them and pray that they know and see how much I truly appreciate every single one of them. It’s family first always!!!!

With Love, 




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