You guys are probably wondering why I’m starting a blog or why I want you guys to even read this and I don’t think I am totally sure on the reason why. I have this crazy drive for wanting to help people in ANY possible way that I know how but let me tell you why it led to this in particular. Just recently I hit a very dark place in my life but it wasn’t that kind of dark place that you  find yourself in when you have a bad breakup with your boyfriend and you think your whole entire world is ending.. yeah.. NO. The feeling that came over me and my life is still something I can’t put into words or even begin to really explain because honestly and truthfully I still find myself in that “dark” place at times but I’m willing to try, in the most truthful and positive way possible. When this big life changing experience happened to me I wasn’t always able to find comfort in my family or friends so I always googled blogs from other people in the world with real experiences going through the EXACT same thing as me and that made me feel sane, it made me feel normal and not so alone. I want to be able to help others that are going through a very tough time that just can’t seem to find a way out; I will listen, I will answer questions, I will pray with you, and I will tell my story hoping that it will bring that same comforting feeling that it did for me when I was on the other side. I want to share my love for God with you all and just be that brave person to let people know that I am human and this is raw, this is me, my story and what I truly went through.  By no means do I have any of this figured out but I do take pride in the fact that I accomplished and overcame so much when I thought my life was going to end.

While reading my blogs keep in mind that I am a student and I spend  A LOT of time writing formal papers but this here is going to be very informal. I’m adding extra dots, I’m going to have run on sentences, I might say a bad word, and so on because I’m writing whatever comes to my mind.

Follow me on my journey….. it’s just beginning

Peace and Love,



One thought on “Why?

  1. Nice. It’s always great to reach a point when you can be transparent. I hope that you can inspire someone on your awesome blog journey. I look forward to reading them all.


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